Information System with Intelligent Management of Documents and Archives.
Optimization of Information Management using a Deductive Software.

CICYT Project number TIC2000-1109

Main Researcher: Inma P. de Guzmán


As Information Technology is developing, file digitalizing is becoming a need which companies must face and an area which demands new solutions. Digitalizing provides positive results to the company which adopts it and also renders other outside benefits; as an example, the amount of paper used are reduced. In fact, the user begin to demand this technology due to the market evolution.

Every commerce application which allocates files and documents has as a common characteristic: then the information is stored in its own file system, but not in an open database (Oracle, Informix, etc). This feature implies the following disadvantages:

In the present document we propose to create a new technology which will allows us to reduce the archive allocation cost, once they have been digitalized. This technology provided a way to include new solutions with respect to with business tools and communications.

We will introduce a layer database architecture; i.e., we will develop a layer which manages the information stored in a commercial database. This layer maintains the powerful of the database itself and provided the following additional characteristics:

These items guided the two modules of the database architecture that must be updated: the database language interpreter and the query optimization. We will built a new database upper layer, independent of the database management system. This new layer supplies the above characteristics to all digitalized archive application.

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