Theory methods and tools
Bayesian and Probabilistic Methods, Measure of Information and Uncertainty, Evidence Theory, Possibility Theory, Utility Theory, Measurement Theory, Belief Networks, Chaos Theory, Fuzzy Methods, Rough Sets. Belief Updating, Default Reasoning, Multivalued Logics, Temporal Reasoning, Non-standard Logics, Non-monotonic Logics, Approximate Reasoning. Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Representation, Uncertainty in Cognition, Information Incompleteness and Inconsistency, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Inductive Methods, Neural Networks, Aggregation Methods, Data Analysis.

Application fields
Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Control, Diagnosis Systems, Expert Systems, Hybrid Systems, Clustering, Classification, Databases, Image Processing, Intelligent Agents, Pattern Recognition, Medical Applications, Mechatronics, Financial Engineering, Multi-Media Management, Decision Support Systems, Dedicated Architectures and Software, Software Engineering, Multicriteria and Group Decision Making, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Information Fusion, Data Mining.