A Fuzzy Conceptual Model for Multimedia Data with Application to News Video Domain

Dilek Kucuk, N. Burcu Ozgur, Adnan Yazici, Murat Koyuncu.

The size of multimedia data is increasing fast due to the abundance of multimedia applications. Modeling the semantics of the data effectively is crucial for proper management of it. In this paper, we present a fuzzy conceptual data model for multimedia data which is also generic in the sense that it can be adapted to all multimedia domains. The model takes an object-oriented approach and it handles fuzziness at different representation levels where fuzziness is inherent in multimedia applications and should be properly modeled. The proposed model also has the nice feature of representing the structural hierarchy of multimedia data as well as the spatial and temporal relations of the data. The model is applied to the news video domain and implemented as a fuzzy multimedia database system where it turns out to be effective in representing this domain and thereby provides an evidence for the general applicability of the model.

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