Smart Kitchen: A User Centric Cooking Support System

A. Hashimoto, N. Mori, T. Funatomi, Y. Yamakata, K. Kakusho, M. Minoh.

Several cooking support systems have been studied to give users instructions based on the recipes step-by-step, using multi-media contents. These systems usually disturb users’ cooking process forcing them to provide information to the system in order to give them beneficial information. In this sense, these systems are considered to be ”system centric”. We propose a system called ”Smart Kitchen” considered to be in ”user centric”, in which a user can cook normally without being concerned about the system. Smart Kitchen can understand cooking processes, in other words, what the user is doing. In this paper, we discuss the design of the Smart Kitchen system and explain three essential modules of tracking food, recognizing food material, and recognizing cooking action.

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