Amoeba-Based Fuzzy Computing for Uncertain Knowledge Processing

Toshinori Munakata, Masashi Aono, Masahiko Hara.

Fuzzy systems have extensively been applied to process uncertain information and knowledge, and have mostly been implemented on traditional silicon based chips or electronic circuits. This paper proposes a new, non-silicon based paradigm called amoeba-based computing. In this scheme, fuzzy systems, such as fuzzy logic (e.g., inference) and control, will be implemented by means of behavior of an amoeboid organism and an associated control system. Recently there has been a growing interest in amoeba-based, massively parallel computing that utilizes chaotic behavior of the amoeba. Amoeba-based fuzzy computing inherits advantages of both amoeba-based computing and fuzzy systems, and provides unique computing capability of uncertain information and knowledge.

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