The suitable learning path for a learner


The motivation behind this work is to realize the learning management system (LMS) where we take the automatic assessment of the learners, the documents and the trainers into account. We proceed to the automatic assessment of learners’ responses to the exercises about the contained of learning units (training units). The responses assessment consists in calculating the degree of resemblance between the response models and learners’ answers to the exercises suggested by the trainers. The responses models are stored in the XML data files. With this assessment, we can give a score corresponding to the degree of understanding the learning unit content by a learner. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a learning unit and the pedagogic performance of a trainer, we used, in addition to the score, other parameters in the assessment such as the consultation time and the assessment time. These three parameters have been considered as the input of our automatic assessment system. The values of these parameters are captured and transferred to the assessment system which calculates a global score. The global score gives an idea about the level of understanding of the learning unit by each learner. These scores are stored in a database in order to build pertinent indicators to evaluate, compare and classify learning units and trainers by using statistical techniques. Since there are several types of learning units, we apply the global scores to extract the learner’s tendency in each learning unit type. We use this tendency in the hope to guide each learner in his\her learning path.

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