Using FLOPER for Running/Debugging Fuzzy Logic Programs

Pedro J. Morcillo and Gines Moreno

Fuzzy Logic Programming is an interesting and still growing research area that agglutinates the efforts for introducing fuzzy logic into logic programming, in order to incorporate more expressive resources on such languages for dealing with uncertainty and approximated reasoning. The multi-adjoint logic programming approach represents a recent and extremely flexible fuzzy logic paradigm for which, unfortunately, we have not found practical tools implemented so far. In this work we describe a prototype system, the FLOPER tool, which is able to directly translate fuzzy logic programs into Prolog code in order to safely execute these final programs inside any standard Prolog interpreter in a completely transparent way for the final user. The system also generates a low-level representation of the fuzzy code offering debugging (tracing) capabilities and opening the door to the design of more sophisticated program manipulation tasks such as program optimization, program specialization and so on.

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